Why be too sentimental?

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Why be too sentimental?

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Two people send Lin Lin to go home first, when parting Ding Yi does not forget to exhort: "Do not forget, tomorrow morning 11 o'clock, treasure island ice room invites me to eat ice." Lin Lin promised with a smile. Shen Changdong looked embarrassed and said to Lin Lin: "The discipline is not strict. I laughed!" Pull Ding Yi and walk back. As soon as he had a chance to be alone, Ding Yi couldn't help asking, "Who is Angkor?"? So powerful, did you make it up to scare them? "Do you remember the brother who accompanied me to send you home when you fell on the swing?" It was so humiliating that she just buried herself behind Shen Changdong's shoulder. How could she pay attention to anyone around her? She only remembered that there was a tall boy playing basketball. She seemed to remember that Shen Changdong called him "Brother Wu". But that man seemed to be very sunny. How could he be a member of the underworld? "Shenlong Group is run by his family." Shen Changdong answered the riddle. That's an entrepreneur, but how can a small hoodlum be afraid? "Shenlong Group mainly opens hotels and entertainment cities. This kind of place where dragons and snakes are mixed, how can it stand without the ability of black and white? This time it happened at the door of his house. He found that his friend was bullied at the door, and he would not give up. Those people also thought of this before they quickly slipped away." "Is he here today? Why doesn't he come out himself?" Ding Yi wondered if it would be more enjoyable to see the shit coming out of those people. He's not here. He went on a trip as soon as the college entrance examination was over this year. Shen Changdong answered lightly. Ha ha, so you sing the empty city stratagem! Shen Changdong unexpectedly also learned to use stratagem, can not help but make Ding Yi look at him with new eyes. But today even without this empty city plan, more than a dozen of them will not suffer much loss, she is to see this point to strong, of course, it is only a bad policy,oil dropper bottle, Shen Changdong without a fight and defeat the enemy's approach is the best policy. Chapter 16 Chapter 16 "Or their mung bean smoothie is delicious, milk flavor is strong, mung bean grains are big, not soft and hard, taste the best, every time I eat it, I feel so happy!" The next day,30ml Dropper Bottle, in the Baodao Ice Room, Ding Yi ate mung bean smoothies with relish and praised them while eating. Lin Lin looked at her on the opposite side and smiled: "I didn't expect Miss Ding's happiness to be so simple. You helped me out and I gave you a happiness. Did you take advantage of it?" "How can you say that? Then I'll treat you. I'll send you happiness." Ding Yi waved a spoon in protest. My happiness is not so simple. Lin Lin still said with a smile, but there was a trace of imperceptible loneliness in her eyes. Don't go to the bar to work there, we are not adults, in case we are caught, it is not good for everyone, and the environment inside is really bad. Besides, homework will become more and more intense in the future, which is a waste of time. "I understand. I went to work for the first time yesterday, and I found that I really couldn't get used to it. I won't go there again. If I meet those people again, won't I be in trouble?" "If you don't mind, Plastic Spray Bottles Wholesale ,Uv Gel Nail Polish Bottle, I can help you with the money. Don't get me wrong. I don't mean anything else. I just think your grades are so good. It's a pity to waste time because of this." Ding Yi looked at her cautiously and said that a well-behaved girl like Lin Lin could only have financial difficulties when she went to work in a bar. Thank you. I can handle it now. The tuition of high school is not much. I just want to support my family. Lin Lin's mother's health seems not very good, often need to spend money to see a doctor, his father is an ordinary worker, income is not much, last semester the school organized a donation to the top poor students, including her. However, Ding Yi always felt that it was mostly a show, and he did not donate much money, but let everyone know how miserable the situation of those excellent and extremely poor students was. Do you want to find another place to work? They are only sixteen years old, and there are not many things they can do. Let's see. I just use the summer vacation. I don't have time to do this after school starts. Ding Yi tilted his head and thought, "Would you like to be a tutor for primary school students?" Lin Lin is stupefied: "Be willing to be willing, nevertheless I just am one, parents look for tutor to be able to look for the student of normal college mostly." "Cut, the fourth grade of primary school, where there is so much trouble, and according to your grades, Beijing Normal University is more than enough.". Just then, a well-dressed woman in her thirties came into the shop with a teenage boy. As soon as the boy came in, he ran to the counter and shouted to eat this and that. Ding Yi stood up and shouted, "Aunt." Then he shouted at the boy, "Ji Tianheng!"! You only know how to eat, so come and meet your little teacher! Holding a box of ice, the boy jumped over and deliberately bumped into her when he bypassed Ding Yi. He giggled and said, "Sister Rabbit, don't be ashamed. Is the little teacher you said yourself?" The boy was ignorant and could read and write. Since he knew how to write her name, he called her "Sister Rabbit" and refused to mend his ways despite repeated admonitions. When Ding Yi saw that he was screaming again in public, he was furious. He grabbed the boy and put the ice in his hand on the table. The boy rose up to resist, and the two brothers and sisters wrestled in the shop. Ding Yi was a few years older, and soon gained the upper hand. The boy was pushed to the ground by her. The boy lay on the ground and shouted: "Mom, you see the rabbit sister bullied me!" " Aunt Ding Yi smiled and said, "You deserve it. Who let you be naughty?" Then he turned to Ding Yi and said, "Xiaoyi, I think you can cure this monkey. I was neurasthenic by him just a few days after the holiday. Last semester was the countdown in the class. Please this summer vacation!" Before Ding Yi opened his mouth, Ji Tianheng, the boy she had pushed down, began to shout again: "No!"! Mom, I will be beaten to death with this crazy woman. Mom, you can't watch your son being abused! Ding Yi patted him on the head and put him up,16 Oz Clear Plastic Bottles With Caps, still holding his two small arms with one hand to prevent him from making any more trouble. Unexpectedly, Ji Tianheng saw that he could not get rid of it, so he kicked it instead. Ding Yi's calf bone was hurt by his kick. He was so angry that he pushed him down to the ground again and kicked him by the way. penghuangbottle.com

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