Hiring React JS Developer

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Hiring React JS Developer

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Frontend -Job Description Experience: 7-9 Years Skills Required: Front End - ReactJS, NextJS, Typescript, APIs and Middleware/microservices - DynamoDB, Lambdas, AWS, TypeScript, APIs. · Good technical breadth and depth and who can help both with the Develop and implement user interface components using React.js and Next.js with TypeScript. · Solid understanding of front-end technologies React.js, Next.js with JavaScript/TypeScript. · Translate UI/UX design wireframes into code in collaboration with the design team. · Optimize components for optimal performance across various web-capable devices and browsers. · Have microservices - DynamoDB, Lambdas, AWS, TypeScript, APIs skills and collaborate with back-end developers to integrate front-end logic with server-side logic. · Leverage AWS services to enhance application scalability, reliability, and security. · Experience working in reusable components. · Good communication skills · Proactive learner · Stay abreast of emerging technologies and industry trends to ensure continuous improvement.

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