The favorite concubine of the king of Liao

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The favorite concubine of the king of Liao

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Zhao yuanzuo opened his mouth wide and looked at his sworn brother in astonishment. He could not say a word in amazement. He was the king of Khitan? "Don't be rude to the prince." Yelv Xiuge waved his hand and whispered, reaching for Zhao yuanzuo's arm. "Come on, let's go in and talk." "I won't go in. You can talk to your brothers. I'll prepare milk tea." Linglong smiled and ran away. She didn't want to accept Zhao yuanzuo's adoring eyes. Someone would be jealous again later. Zhao yuanzuo was stunned by Yelv Xiuge into the tent, shocked to have been unable to breathe, this is the difference between Yelv Xiuge and him, when he knew he was the prince of the Song Dynasty, Yelu Xiuge just raised his eyebrows, did not show too much surprise. Surprised. Yelv Xiuge sat him down on the stool, smiled gently, and sat opposite him, "I am Yelv Xiuge, King of the Great Liao North Court." "Big Brother." Zhao yuanzuo could not speak. The man in front of him was the King of the Northern Court of Khitan. Was he the Yelv Xiuge who had defeated his father in the Gaoliang River? Khitan's most heroic and invincible man, as long as the army he led was invincible, as long as the army of the Song Dynasty heard the name of King Yelu Xiuge of the North Court and saw his black eagle flag, no general was willing to confront him head-on. We are destined to get to know each other. Yelv Xiuge said with a low smile, "If I hadn't gone to the Song Dynasty this time, I wouldn't have known you were the prince of the Song Dynasty." "Is it?" Zhao yuanzuo lowered his head and sighed secretly in his heart. It was really funny. He was the prince of the Song Dynasty, but he became sworn brothers with the king of Khitan. I went to the Song Dynasty for Linglong. Yelv Xiuge went straight to the point. "She's my woman." He did not want to see that adoring look in his eyes again,Stainless Steel Hand wash Basin, and he said it clearly, so as to dispel the obsession in his heart. Zhao yuanzuo shook all over and looked up at him again, "You and Xiaolong." "Linglong is my woman, and although she hasn't been formally married yet, she already belongs to me." Yelv Xiuge rudely announced his ownership of Linglong, "I met you again in Bianliang City. After I learned that you were the favorite prince of the Song Emperor, I wanted to kidnap you in exchange for rehabilitating the swordsman.". Then something happened. I kidnapped you. I went to Bianliang City to rehabilitate the Jian family. "I don't know what to call you." Zhao yuanzuo smiled bitterly. "What are you going to do to me now?" This big brother is absolutely not allowed to call. The emperor of the Song Dynasty has issued a decree to rehabilitate the swordsmen. Yelv Xiuge proudly raised his eyelids,Stainless Steel Trough Urinal, "I will send someone to send you back to Yanmen Pass, as for what to call, as you wish, if not identity opposition, I really want to recognize you as a brother." "You and Xiaolong." After making sure that he would not hurt himself, Zhao yuanzuo tried to ask him about him and Xiaolong. He wanted to know how Xiaolong and the king of Khitan got to know each other, and how she could let the king of Khitan go to the Song Dynasty for her regardless of the danger, with questions flashing in his eyes, "How did you get to know each other?" Yelv Xiuge stood up, smiled, put his hands behind his back, and slowly talked about his encounter with Linglong, "She and I started with a red ghost mask." The King of Liao's Beloved Concubine Seduces the Heart Volume Chapter 151 Princess of the South Court Although Yelv Xiuge's private divorce from Daliao was full of others, Stainless Steel Shower Tray ,Manual Flush Valve, Yelv Xiuge actually knew about it. So, when he returned to the palace of the north courtyard, Yelu was a little relieved. Yelv Xiuge sent Zhao yuanzuo back to the Song Dynasty, he has been watching Zhao yuanzuo back to the territory of the Song Dynasty, the fate between them is over. As soon as he got home, Yelv sent an invitation to invite him to drink. Yelv Xiuge knew that he must have something to find himself, and when Linglong had a rest, he quietly left the palace and went to the south courtyard of Yelv Xiehe. The general manager of the south courtyard took Yelv Xiuge to the garden of the palace. Yelv, the king of the south courtyard, sat in the flowers and drank wine alone. From a distance, his back was so lonely. Yelv Xiuge was about to open his mouth to call him, when suddenly, a small figure poked its head out of the flowers and walked behind Yelv. The manager was about to make a sound when Yelv Xiuge stopped him with a smile and waved him to step down. He would like to see the legendary little devil, the most headache for King Yelv of the South Court. What are you thinking? The figure stood still behind Yelv and screamed, which startled Yelv. Looking back to see her, her face showed a helpless look, spoiled to ask: "You do not rest here to do?" "I came to see you." It was a girl of 14 or 15 years old, with a pair of bright eyes on her comely face and a happy smile on her lips. She reached out and hugged his arm. She giggled and said, "Brother King, what are you thinking about alone?"? "Call Ginger if you want to drink, and Ginger will accompany you to drink." Said, very overbearing to sit on the lap of the king of the south courtyard. Smelling the girl's faint body fragrance under her nose, Yelu's slanting eyebrows closed and tried to push her away, but she hugged her tightly, "Gold, you have grown up, don't hold the king's brother as a pillow." "You don't want to be Ginger's pillow?" The girl's eyelids flashed a trace of disappointment, silently pushed him away, looked down, looked very sad, "Ginger grew up, the king's brother no longer want me, I, I, I far away from the king's brother." With that, he turned around sadly. Yelv Xiuge saw her eyes flashing with a smirk, there was no sign of sadness, lips pulled a smile, it seems that Yelv was really eaten by the little devil. A pair of coquettish eyes shot at him, because they had already discovered his hiding place. Before Yelv realized he had come, he quickly got up and grabbed her arm when he heard the little devil's words. He defended himself and said,Self-closing Faucet, "How could your brother not want you? I promised your father that I would take care of you all my life. But, Ginger, you are no longer a child.." The latter sentence was so hard to say that the moustache at the corner of his lips moved and he did not say it.

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