Sentimental Son of Heaven and Wonderful Beauty

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Sentimental Son of Heaven and Wonderful Beauty

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Shuilinger is wearing Rouge, comforting herself and encouraging herself with words. She could not lose confidence in the emperor because of some of his words, believing that as long as she was willing to admit her mistakes and be obedient, the emperor would still love her very much. After such a thought, Shuilinger was in a much better mood. She didn't ask the maid to come in and wait on her, so she began to change her clothes. Everything was arranged, and the man in the mirror looked much better. Shui Linger smiled and stepped out of the bedroom. Officer Furong, get up! Why don't you ask the maidservants to go in and wait on you? The maid waiting outside the palace saw that Shuilinger had changed her clothes and walked out. She bent over and saluted and said. Shuilinger smiled carelessly and went to the back garden. "Where can I have the Furongguan breakfast?" The maid of honor hurried up and asked. Won't the emperor come back for dinner? Shui Linger asked. The emperor always came back to dine with her after the court. The emperor has explained that he is too busy with government affairs to come back for meals today, so he wants Furong Guan to have meals by himself. The maid answered with a smile. Shuilinger finally got a better mood and fell to the bottom! Is the emperor really so busy today? She has a lot of words to say to him, never so eager to see him, after last night's unpleasant, she really want to snuggle in the arms of the emperor to act like a spoiled child to him, let the emperor cherish her. Why didn't the emperor come back to accompany her this morning? Or does the emperor not want to see her? Shui Linger couldn't help thinking about it again. When the maid saw that she was not in a good mood,silk ficus tree, she carefully asked again, "Where did Furong Guan decide to eat?" Shui Linger shook her head and lost her good mood. I'm not hungry. Let's talk about it when we want to have dinner. She walked alone to the back garden. The sky seemed to be infected with her melancholy, sweeping away the bright and sunny weather, overcast, as if it were going to rain. Shui Ling'er sat on the stone chair,cherry blossom wedding centerpiece, stroking the head of the tiger without a stroke. The tiger saw that the hostess had lost the spirit of smiling in the past, and it was also lying lazily at Shuilinger's feet, looking listless. Shuilinger accompanied the tiger for a long time, but his mood was still very bad, so he had to get up and walk irritably. She walked slowly around the Tianshui Palace, and as she approached the gate, she heard a woman crying. Shui Linger stepped forward curiously to see. A woman was kneeling in front of the palace gate and crying. The guard at the gate wanted to drive her away, but he couldn't. He looked at her helplessly, not knowing what to do? "What's the matter?" When Shuilinger saw the woman crying pitifully, fake ficus tree ,large ficus tree, she couldn't help approaching and asking. Hibiscus Officer! When the guard saw Shuilinger, he quickly and politely greeted her. The woman that kneels on the ground hears' Lotus official '3 words, raise a head to look at water spirit hurriedly, cry pleasantly surprised: "Lotus official?!"! Are you Furong Guan?! Shui Linger nodded. Seeing that the woman was as beautiful as a flower, her temperament was extraordinary, and the clothes she wore were noble and not vulgar, I guess she was not an ordinary person, but I didn't understand why she was kneeling and weeping here. Furong Guan, Furong Guan.. Please, help me! The woman knelt down in front of Shuilinger, kowtowing and crying for her. Shui Linger was startled and crouched down in a hurry to help her up. Come on, if you have anything to say, just stand up and say it! "No!"! Unless Furong officer promises to help, my concubine will never get up! The woman was still crying at Shuilinger's feet. If you don't make it clear, how can Shuilinger know if she can really help? Shui Linger answered helplessly. Officer Furong must be able to help! The emperor dotes on you so much, how can the emperor have the heart to refuse your words? Please, please help me! She cried so sadly. That woman's pitiful appearance lets water spirit son look really cannot bear, cannot bear to let her kneel again, be forced to nod: "Good, I help you!"! But you get up first and tell me what's going on? The woman nodded ecstatically and stood up to wipe her tears. Then you go to the palace with me! Make it clear! Shui Ling'er and the woman wanted to enter the Tianshui Palace, but the guards on one side stopped them. Hibiscus officer, Li Fei was ordered by the emperor to stay in his own palace, not out of the palace! She shouldn't have run out without permission. How could Fu Rong Guan take her into the palace? Said one of the guards. Shui Linger looked at the woman and asked with some surprise, "Are you also a concubine of the emperor's harem?" Li Fei nodded, but lowered her face and kept wiping her tears. She looked so pitiful that Shuilinger relented. She turned to the guards and said, "I brought him into the palace. If the emperor blames me, I will bear the blame." She dragged the men into the palace. All right, you can say it now! Shuilinger handed Li Fei a handkerchief and sat down opposite her to ask whether they were in the pavilion of the imperial garden. Concubine Li wiped her face with a towel and sniffed. With shame, she said in a low voice, "Everything is not good for my concubine. It's not right for my concubine!"! But he suffered a lot in order to take the blame for his concubine. Now the emperor is going to demote him to the border service,large palm trees for sale, the concubine really can't bear to let him ruin his future for the concubine! "I only ask Hibiscus to convince the emperor not to send him to the border!" Shuilinger was confused when she heard it. He? Who is he? Why would I sin for you? How could the emperor send him to the border? Li Fei, you speak so vaguely that people really can't understand you! Li Fei looked up at Shui Linger and made sure that Furong Guan really didn't know about her, so she had to talk about the sad thing that happened to her with a sad face.

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