Mad Dog Plus Three (1)

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Mad Dog Plus Three (1)

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When the eldest son of Lord Hud saw the village chief's bitter expression, he thought that this was also the people who paid taxes to himself, so he explained, "The magician didn't say that.". He only said that the murder took place in the private domain of the pharmacist, and that no one else could intervene without the pharmacist's permission. Moreover, if the vulgar villager had really offended the noble apothecary, and had been killed by something sent by the apothecary, and then dragged into the garden to fertilize the flowers, he would have died in vain. Am I right? My Lord Sorcerer? Lord Sorcerer snorted coldly. In fact, he did not think that the murderer was related to the pharmacist. He had just seen the scene of the murder and had been specially treated. The footprints on the ground were all smeared with mud and branches. Only the road where the body was dragged to the garden gate was a gravel road, and the blood stains were difficult to clean up. Maybe the other side wanted to deal with it, but for what reason did they give up? If the murderer is a pharmacist, there is no need for him to mess up the scene, including the demons and strange beasts he sent or served. In other words, the killer should have nothing to do with the pharmacist. But the magician does not intend to explain this to others,pump tube, as he said before, this happened in the private sphere of the apothecary, this matter can only be handled by him, if other magicians are involved, it is a violation. Even if he can easily find the real murderer with several spells. The village chief had no choice but to bow his head and worry about how he would explain to Jerome's family. A knight who was following the eldest son of the Lord suddenly said,aluminium laminated tube, "The private domain of the magician is inviolable. It should be only for other magicians. If you don't enter the apothecary's garden, how to investigate and even dispose of the murderer in the periphery, the apothecary should not care." The sorcerer did not deny it. The eldest son of the Lord showed a thoughtful expression. But the village chief decided to be careful. He would rather not investigate anything than offend a magician. He had planned to send the best old hunter in the village to check the scene, and then use the best hunting dog in the village to find the murderer, but now. Let's just let it go. So he was right to say that he owed the old man a favor. The village chief wanted to scold Jia San for being presumptuous, but he didn't open his mouth. I heard the eldest son of the Lord say with a smile, "What should I do?". Then let them in. With the words of the eldest son of the Lord, the village chief no longer wanted "humble outsiders to step on the carpet of dirty nobles", but could only let them in sideways. When Grandma Jia and Mama Jia came in, they bowed to the nobles who were sitting there. The eldest son of the Lord waved his hand and asked them to stand aside to watch the test of the plus three. Jia's grandmother and mother looked at Jia San with excited eyes. They had a lot of questions, but now was obviously not the occasion for questioning. Jia San turned to them and smiled soothingly, eye cream packing tube ,plastic packaging tube, showing two small tiger teeth. The eldest son of the Lord narrowed his eyes. The knight clenched his fist and coughed. The eldest son of their Lord has a hobby that is not bad but also a headache for the Lord, that is, he especially likes lovely creatures. If he sees something that is particularly pleasing to the eye, he will get it into the castle, so that the Lord has to set aside a manor to accommodate all kinds of lovely humans and non-humans brought back by the eldest son. Because of this preference, the eldest son of the Lord was misunderstood by many noble ladies, so that he is still a bachelor. Daniel ignored everything in front of him. The Lord's eldest son's preferences had nothing to do with him. He would come back to the mainland this time, just to complete the designated task and repay the kindness of the old Lord Hud who had let him read and write with the Lord Hud of this generation. Are you ready? If you are ready, then hold your hand on it, and then imagine that you have an egg in your mind, break it, and let the egg white and yolk flow out.. Daniel didn't notice that his patience was much better today than in the past. If he had met a kid who dared to do so many things before, he would have thrown him out directly. Take three deep breaths and hold out your hand. He was not particularly nervous, but it was true that he had expectations. Gassan closed his eyes with Daniel's voice, held the crystal grip in the middle of the horn, sketched an egg in his mind, pinched it hard, and crushed it. When Jia San thought so, his hand holding the crystal grip followed suit. In the brain, the egg liquid mixed with the fine eggshell flows out from the fingers. Feeling sticky on his hands, he opened his fingers three times and let the egg drip. He knew it was fake, otherwise he would not have wasted it. There seemed to be something stirring under his feet, falling together, as if he were breathing. Jia San lowered his head, moved his bare feet, and saw a round pink ball at his feet. The ball looked about the same size as a fish ball, and it was soft to step on. He bent down to pick up the ball and pinched it, feeling like he was pinching a water balloon with a good feel, much like a venting ball made of memory rubber that he had played with before. It can be smashed flat at will, but it can be restored to its original state. Jia Sanshou grabbed the pink ball and smashed it on the ground. Pshaw. The pink balls were smashed into a soft puddle, but they returned to their original state in the blink of an eye. Add three and step on it, and feel it carefully with your feet. He was right about what he was feeling. This thing does seem to be breathing. And the greater the pressure, the more obvious the feeling of "breathing ups and downs". What is this? Why is there such a thing in his consciousness? Jia San stepped on the pink balls and looked around. It was the first time in his life that he had entered a state of self-consciousness so clearly and clearly. What is his conscious world like? Is yuan Jiasan here? Jia San touched his face again. What does he look like now? Is it the past self or the present self? If you look down at your body, it seems to be the same body now. Click. What's ringing? He looked up and suddenly found that the invisible space above his head seemed to be broken. Click,custom cosmetic packing, click. More and more breaking sounds sounded. Soon, the whole space of consciousness began to shake. This is? Before Jia San could express his feelings, the soft pink ball suddenly bounced up and hit his head on Jia San's chest. Jia San was hit by this and flew out directly.

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